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China CMO Book

We know what you’re thinking.

We don’t blame you.

“Another book on China?” Or worse: “Another book on China marketing?”

We have the same reaction in every airport bookstore we walk into, so in our ten years doing business in China, we decided to just stick our heads down and work with companies on improving their marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

The more time we spent with these companies, the more we realized that marketing in China, in many cases, was being done by ‘invisible heroes’ whose stories have never been told.

These people weren’t part of an active Advertiser’s Association as we see in the US and Europe. They tended to avoid speaking at public conferences. Whilst there were a lot of trade publications devoted to marketing and advertising, they usually focused more on the brands or the agencies than the people involved.

We were fortunate to get one-on-one access to seventeen of the top CMOs in China today. These in-depth, face-to-face interviews were conducted in English and Chinese, with the broad mission of getting the personal stories and perspectives on the challenges of marketing in China from the CMOs themselves.

This book is written for those who are ready to dig deeper into the nuances and complexities of this market. It’s for those who would rather put in the hard work to pave their own way to top with their own flair rather than follow a five-step plan to success. What’s common across all of the CMOs featured in this book is that none of them followed a predefined formula to achieve brand prominence in the market. These CMOs are the ones fine-tuning their craft after-hours, taking the time to learn the ins and outs of non-traditional media firsthand, leveraging talent and integrating departments to work together as joint and muscle, and sharpening brand strategy through testing and learning.

This is their story. We’re glad you’ll join us for the journey ahead.